Health Care Assistant - Mount Pleasant Practice

Posted: 11/04/2019
Job role: Other Vacancies | Location: Monmouthshire South
Vacancy description:

Duties and responsibilities:

• New patient health checks
• ECG recording
• Phlebotomy
• Spirometry
• Chaperoning duties
• Processing and management of laboratory samples requested by GPs/nurses
• Sterilising, cleansing and maintenance of surgical equipment
• Vaccine/cold chain storage, monitoring and recording
• Surgical equipment and vaccine re-stocking and stock rotation
• Clearing and re-stocking consulting rooms
• Preparing and maintaining environments and equipment before, during and after patient care interventions, including assisting GPs during the performance of minor operations
• Assisting in the assessment and surveillance of patients’ health and well-being
• Undertaking specific clinical activities for named patients that have been delegated and taught specifically in relation to that individual
• Helping to raise awareness of health and well-being and how it can be promoted
• Assisting with the collection and collation of data on needs related to health and well-being

How to apply:
Please submit a CV to
Closing date: 30/05/2019
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